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Hi, I'm Richard Lloyd

“I’m a passionate believer in getting the job done, using tools that just work.”

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I have 15 years' experience engineering data integration platforms, Oracle & Snowflake databases, Linux, Golang, Python and Docker.

After painful experiences using Pentaho to migrate to Snowflake, I knew it’d be far simpler if there was a tool that wrapped up the ETL functionality and data integration patterns that you need to write in-house.

So I created Halfpipe. A simple tool that helps every engineer move records between RDBMS, Snowflake and S3. It reduces all of the moving parts to just one command.

To find out more about me, head over to my LinkedIn profile, check out my GitHub or blog.

To learn more about Halfpipe, I have a short video (2min) for you. Click below to get started.

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