It's Simple Tech

Image of Canned by Nook Fulloption from the Noun Project

Use pre-canned data integration & validation patterns wrapped into just one tiny command line tool. Buy the finished Ferrari, not the kit car

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Compatible with on-prem, cloud-compute and serverless architectures

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Runs the same locally as in production. A single binary to use everywhere so you’ll simplify your tech stack and reduce costs

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Operates at the table level so you can use it multiple times to scale out

Easy To Use

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Migrate a schema, take snapshots or deltas, create real-time pipelines or perform data validation all in just one command

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Anyone can work with it, not just your DataOps teams

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It’s a super lightweight binary that’s easy to deploy. Run it in AWS Lambda or choose your favourite scheduler. It’s Kubernetes ready too

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Easier compliance with GDPR, CCPA and HIPPA etc by running in your own cloud

It Will Save You Money

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Get real-time and near real-time data feeds with just one simple command. Zero development required

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Save your developers time with a ready-made tool that’s quick and easy to use

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Try out Snowflake and keep full control of your data. Move it into the cloud yourself, without having to use a third party

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Runs as a microservice to instantly fit in with your other apps and systems

Image of lambda by LAFS from the Noun Project

Ready to run in AWS Lambda. Move one billion records a day for as little as ~$16 a month

Image of gate by priyanka from the Noun Project

Allows self-hosting and reduces egress costs. Avoid the row-based pricing of other SaaS products

Learn Halfpipe

How it works in four short videos

1 - Start Here

One-off Migration (2 mins)

2 - Keep Up-To-Date

Continuous Migration (6 mins)

3 - Data Integration as a Microservice

DIaaMs, Is That A thing? (2 mins)

4 - Validate Your Data

Report On The Differences Between Tables (2 mins)

How To Get Started

From zero to hero. Get running with Halfpipe in 2 mins

How To Run Halfpipe

A Quickstart Guide (2 mins)

More Features Of Halfpipe In Action

Discover features in a series of videos

Data Integration And Infrastructure Done For You

Your data in Snowflake easily, using tried and tested patterns